Immigrant integration guide

Interactive guide for professionals in the field
of integration and migration services
Develop the guide for the Cultura Foundation, that will professionals and experts in the field of integration and migration services staff to integrate the families of immigrants with different origins into Finnish society
What we did
An interactive project for Finnish specialists who work with immigrant families in Finland.

Guide describes four stages of raising a child: from birth to entering the university. The project is divided into several parts, each of it is dedicated to different stages of family development — with the help of the guide, everyone could quickly find information on the desired topic
Stage 01


To better understand each other, before starting work, we prepare references for the client - our or someone else's projects that have suitable mechanics. The Cultura Foundation liked the first two the most

Anti-violence project by Prevint.Horizontal scroll through 4 screens, each of which is a short description of the timeline block
Coronavirus in Switzerland by Neue Zürcher Zeitung. After the introductory part about the study, we find ourselves in a section filled with micro-illustrations with different people. Highlights corresponds by illustrations
Stage 02


The Cultura Foundation collected all the texts in Finnish for us. We could not rework or shorten the texts — not only because we do not speak Finnish, but also because this was the client's requirement

Stage 03


The target audience of the project is people 45 years and older. Therefore, at the request of the client, we used large elements in the layout so as not to obstruct the user's reading.

We have developed a special version of the project for visually impaired people — you can turn it on in the upper right corner. After switching on, the text becomes larger, and the site acquires a black and white scale, which simplifies perception

The project is divided into four parts. All four periods meet the user on the main screen of the guide

The guide helps experts of Cultura to provide better services and makes communication with clients of government and municipal integration services more convenient and resultative


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