Storylanding about Customer Experience Research

A project for NDA bank
To present the results of market research
in a way that will give the bank’s employees
a clear understanding of their clients’
requests and needs.
What We Did
Over the course of 3.5 months we turned more than 10 large-scale studies into a storylanding with 4 stories that helped the bank’s employees see the experiences of real people behind the numbers and make effective decisions based on it.
Stage 0

Finding the Right Approach

To select the most effective solutions for the task, we discussed several reference projects with the client.
One of these was a McKinsey report where the narrative is seamlessly combined with statistical data.

The project contains a lot of information,
but it doesn’t come across as boring
Stage 1

Structure and Content

The NDA sent us the research data in a large Excel spreadsheet with a dozen tabs for different products. In addition, we received the survey results of the target group — another 15 pages of text.

In order to present all this information in a clear and simple way, we used the theory of generations. This allowed us to group all NDA clients into 4 age groups. On the main page we briefly described the characteristics of all 4 generations, and below we added links for detailed research
on eachof them.

Research results for all NDA banking products
Stage 2


We illustrated the NDA’s multi-million client base through 7 characters from different generations. All the characters in the storylanding are members of the same family. There are people of all ages in the family, which is universal enough to be clear to any reader.

We simulated typical situations in which people use the bank’s products together with the client. We then created scripts for the characters based on those situations. We also tried to create scripts as close to reality as possible. This allows bank managers to understand how customer experience is formed, as well as what is important for their customers and why.

This is a prototype of the family
Stage 3


We used interactive elements — graphs, charts, switches, pop-up windows — to make it interesting for the reader to study the project and easily take in the large amount of data on offer.

The graphs reflect the behavioral patterns of each generation. To facilitate understanding, the focus is always on one generation at a time
The types of graphs were chosen based
on the type of data provided. We tried to find a balance between ease of comprehension and attractive design
Stage 4


NDA chose to go with “easygoing folks": simple outlines,
cute faces and fashionable details in the form of jewelry, accessories and stylish hairstyles. The client wanted to remain within the brand identity in terms of the color scheme, so the project was made in NDA’s traditional
deep and light blue hues.


We found a new and effective format for internal newsletters — the storylanding made it easier for employees to digest the research data. This in turn helped improve the quality of the bank's
customer service.


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