Storylanding Being a Donor

Non-profit social project
To change the positioning of blood donation, to remove fears and concerns before the procedure. Thereby increase the number of regular donors
What we did
We have processed more than 50 sources with information about donation into an illustrative and welcoming storylanding, consisting of 4 steps. The project gained 20,000 views in a month.
Stage 0

Finding Approach

For the project, we came up with three concepts: to tell about donation through the main character, locations (house, blood donation center, hospital), and a chain of circumstances. We decided to go with the last option, since part of the process happens without a character, and the locations don’t reflect all the important points related to the donation procedure.

Before starting work, we discuss several references with a client, and this is how we find solutions that are most effective for the objective. In order to show donation as a clear and consistent process, we made the screen flipping horizontal, following the example of the wine company Scepter&Sword landing page.

A smooth transition between sections gradually introduces the reader to the brand and its products
Stage 1

Structure And Content 

In the project preparation, we used scientific information, donors’ personal experience, donor organization’s data, and doctors’ advice. As well as data from the websites of blood transfusion centers and official medical organizations.

All the information was important and interesting, but in order not to overload the reader, we selected the key information. Together with the client, we decided to highlight 4 main stages in the story: Preparation, Giving Blood, Where Blood Goes, and Benefits For Donors.

One storylanding screen focuses
on each step of donation
Stage 2


We decided to build a story through short situational sketches about a donor character. The focus in the project is not on the character themselves, but on familiar objects and details from their life like dishes, documents, plants, and lockers in a medical room. So we could link together all the stages of donation, even when the reader doesn’t see the character, for example, when the donor's blood is being transfused to a recipient.

The concept also helped to avoid unnecessary triggers. The story didn't have to depict a hospital that could cause negative connotations.

Day-to-day details in the story help to communicate that donation is an ordinary routine procedure, which is no more scarier than visiting a doctor
Stage 3


We used various interactive elements to make the reader’s experience of understanding the topic  interesting and comfortable: animation, pop-up windows, switches. These mechanics make the story comprehension easier, emphasize important details, and allow the reader to be involved in the process.

Day-to-day details in the story help to communicate that donation is an ordinary routine procedure, which is no more scarier than visiting a doctor
A passport pops out of a coat in the corridor, reminding how important it is not to forget documents before leaving the house
The mechanics also help to take the pressure off a complex topic. A funny little man at the center reception brings a smile, not fear
There is a lot of important additional information in the project. We put these details into pop–ups, so they don’t overload the reader
Stage 4


We didn’t use red and other aggressive colors that could remind of blood and discourage the reader in the project. To create a friendly atmosphere, we chose more neutral colors — blue and purple.

We developed two visual concept versions for the project. The first option differed a clear geometry and a cold color palette.

We wanted to use this option for a story based on locations, but, eventually, it seemed too dry and cold
We picked the second concept with bright colors, uneven edges, and playfulness. Because of it, the story is filled with warmth and humor

In a month, 20,000 people viewed Being a Donor. The project managed to talk about donation as an accessible routine procedure, for which you don’t have to be a hero or make sacrifices


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